Hard Landscaping: An Introduction

We get asked often about what exactly hard landscaping is. So we thought we’d write an article about it from our point of view.

Hard landscaping involves integrating non-living elements into outdoor spaces, providing structure, functionality, and visual appeal. This includes features such as patios, driveways, pathways, walls, and other hardscape elements. Soft landscaping focusses on plants and greenery, hard landscaping focuses on the built elements.

Elements of Hard Landscaping include: Patios and Decking, Paving, Driveways and Pathways, Draining Systems, Walls and Fences, Ponds or Fountains and Outdoor Structures such as pergolas.

These all form a hard surface which can make your outdoor space or garden much more useful and beautiful. There is definitely a link between soft landscaping and hard landscaping as the hard landscaping tends to frame and enhance the soft landscaping and provides the basic shape for plants to be fitted around.

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