Soft Landscaping Services in Bristol

We have over 35 years of experience as landscapers in Bristol, and soft landscaping services are just one of the areas we cover.

What is soft landscaping?

Soft landscaping focuses on living, horticultural aspects of outdoor spaces rather than hardscapes or structures made of non-living materials such as stone, concrete, wood, or metal.

We work on conventional and artificial lawns, border preparation and planting all add colour and life to your garden, whilst ponds, water features and garden lighting can add further interest and enhance existing features. We can also undertake

We have a vast amount of experience in this area and can suit the project to your requirements.

From small-scale shrub planting to large, complex schemes with irrigation and drainage systems, our commercial soft landscaping in Bristol can undeniably complete the look of your outdoor space. This can additionally enhance the wellbeing of residents, workers and visitors for years to come.

What are the benefits of soft landscaping?

Apart from making outdoor spaces look more attractive to visitors, soft landscaping has a number of practical benefits such as lowering noise levels and reducing runoff. Trees and shrubs can help absorb the noise from traffic, which can be particularly useful if you’re located next to a busy road or in Bristol city centre. Another positive impact of soft landscaping is providing shade in summer and keeping the temperature in public spaces more even.

Also, you will be doing your bit for nature.

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